Test Winner 2022

A big comparison of male potency e-shops for Italy

We recently prepared for you a comparison of natural remedies for male potency according to a number of parameters, HERE:

We have now prepared a comparison of e-shops. We compared e-shops in the following categories:

1. Width of offer
2. Clarity
3. Prices
4. Communication
5. Speed of delivery

We gave points in each category. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5. we selected the e-shops that are the most visited (popular).


Scoring was given by members of the expert team assembled at our bee-potent.



Width of offer

It is thought how many different types of products to support potency the e-shop offers. And of course stock availability and stock quantity


Assessment of whether the e-shop has all the important elements of the e-shop and mandatory information


Comparison of websites according to prices for a specific product


We tested the speed and relevance of the answer to several questions. By email.

Delivery speed

We created the order and measured the delivery time.


Eshop Width of offer Clarity Prices Communication Delivery speed

Winner of the test. An online shop with a wide range of products at good prices and fast delivery throughout the EU. They offer three delivery options: to your address, cash on delivery, and delivery to BRT branches. They also offer three payment methods: cash on delivery, BTC, and bank transfer. The website has average usability (we didn’t like the traditional but insufficient categorization of products by active ingredients), and we missed some filters. The website has a search box, but not everything that the website evidently has on its subpages could be found using the search box. There is a chat on the website with a live operator available for 10 hours a day.


An international online shop in various versions. It is very user-friendly and fast, focusing on various products. Prices are relatively high, and the selection of potency support products is limited. Fast delivery, but communication (regarding packaging) is slow. Delivery is only to the address, but they offer multiple payment options, including credit card. Unfortunately, we did not try the card payment; the card lacks protection, and the details are entered on the website itself, which is an unacceptable risk for us.


A website that offers a relatively narrow range of products for male potency but is sufficiently user-friendly. Product prices are much higher than average, communication is average, and delivery time is very poor (although employees of the website responded immediately to urgencies). The website offers home delivery only. Payment by card is possible, but without security; the form is on the e-shop and not on the payment gateway page, which poses a significant risk of intentional or unintentional misuse.


A typical regional e-shop with an Italian domain, offering a smaller selection and average prices but good communication and the fastest delivery (4 working days). Payment terms: bank transfer and BTC. Delivery is only to the address. The website has a chat, which, although not very fast, can be used for communication. This type of website may suit some people.


An Italian e-shop with a smaller selection. Delivery is to the address. The website offers payment by bank transfer and card, but without security, meaning you enter the card details directly on the website, not the payment gateway’s page, as it should be. For security reasons, we only tried SEPA. The main page of the website has a phone number for customer support, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. We sent an email to the provided email address and received a response within a day.


A European e-shop with several variations, attractive website graphics, and user-friendly design. Phone contacts are non-functional again, and prices are high. Card payment is possible but without security, as card details are entered on the website itself and not on the payment gateway’s website. I won’t give my card details to a foreign website!!! However, there is an option to pay by bank transfer. Standard email communication within the next day.


An international e-shop with Italian language support. Very limited selection and high prices. Otherwise, the website is user-friendly. The chat and phone contacts are non-functional. Communication via email is possible. Payment is only possible by card. Unfortunately, we could not test the delivery.


We have examined approximately 40 online shops in total, and from these, we have selected the above-mentioned 8 websites for further comparison. This is because many online shops in the market are evidently copies of some of the above-mentioned shops or are very unreliable or non-functional. Of course, there are certainly other selling websites that are functional, high-quality, and trustworthy, but we did not notice them. Overall, the offer in Italy is above average and of good quality.

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